Meditation for Addictive Behavior (Outside the USA)

Meditation for Addictive Behavior (Outside the USA)


Meditations for Addictive Behavior is a system of yogic science to inspire and uplift the human spirit. The simple techniques will help break habits, tendencies and addictions. It contains 12 specific meditations with delicious nutritional formulas and inspirational quotes. It is effective with today’s behaviors linked to smoking, food, alcohol, drugs, co-dependency, stress, anxiety, depression and many others. The meditations provide the psychological edge necessary to remain calm and non-reactive under challenging situations and to protect oneself from the pressures of society. It is our belief that the human potential of each individual is unlimited.

These meditations create a relationship with one’s higher consciousness and instill the dignity of self-autonomy. Health care professionals, people in recovery, yoga practitioners and individuals looking for a self exalted experience will find this book an inspiring introduction to life-changing habits. This book is K.R.I. Certified.

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