“It relaxes the tense parts of the brain through the nerve tips of the fingers which are the main meridians in the body. As the fingers glide through the air to communicate – this cantaloupe becomes a human brain…and the tension of the neuro pattern is relieved. It is a fantastic release. “

“Try to understand the basic meaning. The word is Kirtan. Kir means “the hand,” tan means “the body.” When the hands and body meet, the internal music is created. Suppose you have no place to play an instrument; let your body become the instrument. And pavan, the prana becomes the projection. This celestial communication which you are doing is extremely effective to every part of your being.”

“Do celestial communication when you cannot take care of your neurosis by any known method. Just a few minutes of doing it….ah, it is ah…there’s no power more than the power of the word, and then the word is formed through the body, the entire being is purified and relaxed.”

“Creativity when combined with physical, psychological concentration in meditation is very helpful. It balances the human energy, and it gives the strength to the radiant body, bringing prosperity and success.”