Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity

Meditation 5

  • Sit with spine straight in a chair or cross-legged. Apply neck lock.* (Gently move the chin towards the back of the neck, keeping the muscles of the throat and face relaxed.)
  • Relax the arms at the sides and raise the forearms up and in, toward the chest at the heart level, with palms facing toward each other.
  • Make the hands into fists, pointing the thumbs straight up and pressing the sides of the thumbs and knuckles of the fingers together. Focus the eyes at the tip of the nose.
  • Inhale fully through the nose. Exhale completely through the mouth. Inhale through the mouth. Exhale through the nose.
  • Practice for 3 minutes. Gradually build to 11 minutes. Do not exceed 22 minutes.
  • To end, inhale and stretch the arms overhead. Maintain this posture and then exhale. Keep the stretched position as you take 3 more deep breaths. Relax.

Our greatest enemy is our mind. A self-defeating attitude and self-animosity exist when we do not accept ourselves. This meditation enhances the capacity to confront and experience the self in relationship to God.