Meditation 1

Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath

Meditation 1

Posture: Sit with your spine straight in a chair or crossed legged on the floor. Hands are relaxed and resting on the knees. Close your eyes and focus them at your 3rd eye point, the point between the eyebrows. Take a deep full breath inhaling through the nose. Hold the breath pulling the chest forward. Silently repeat the words (mantra*) 3 times:

“Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I”

As you exhale repeat the words 3 times out loud.


Meditation 1 b

To end, inhale deeply, completely filling the lungs with breath. Exhale and relax. Sit in silence for 1-2 minutes. Inhale deeply and stretch your arms over the head with fingers interlocked while pulling up the spine. Exhale and relax.Note: Holy refers to whole and balance of one’s physical, mental and spiritual being.