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Your Journey Begins

SuperHealth is on the Cutting Edge

Greetings and welcome to SuperHealth. We are here to serve you and help enhance your life. Many of us have issues we’re dealing with – some are harmful habits and others are addictive behaviors. It’s normal. It’s a part of life. However, through consistent practice, we can grow, and experience a life of fulfillment and joy. You’ll find hidden treasures with easy to do practices that will give you life-changing results. Hope is around the corner and good fortune awaits you! May it lead to your greater happiness, health and prosperity.

What is SuperHealth?

The Cutting Edge of Breaking Habits and Addictive Behavior

SuperHealth®  is at the forefront of yogic therapeutic technology that is precise and proven effective.  The system addresses alcohol, drugs, smoking, food issues, co-dependency, gambling, work, computers and includes stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety.  Developed by Yogi Bhajan, the approach combines the ancient wisdom of yogic science with the innovations of western sciences. It is our belief that the human potential of each person is infinite…fully interconnected physically, mentally and spiritually. SuperHealth is approved as a CEU to 8 yogic and medical Licensing Boards. We are the only provider integrating yogic science into the medical community!

What Students Say About Superhealth

The SuperHealth Specialty Training was an amazing experience! I was able to learn about addictive behaviors and how to support others to self-discovery!

The training was life-changing. I will never forget it!

The skills I learned at SuperHealth changed my life! My patients find these yoga practices very helpful & easy to do. I was burned out before I attended the Specialty Training, I walked away feeling rejuvenated!

I feel as if I’ve had years worth of growth in eight days.