Children of the Street (cont.)

I asked Daniel how it happened.  He painfully said he was on the street at a funeral ceremony for his two good friends, who had just died — one from cirrhosis of the liver and the other from a heart attack.  These were children dying of serious diseases which left me shocked and tearful.  These children couldn’t have been more than 14 to 16 years old using cheap, toxic, and deadly drugs…choosing drugs over food as their priority to exist.

After the funeral Daniel had a dream.  He received a clear message to work with the children in a rehabilitation effort.  Being a child himself, he went to the nuns and eventually founded Luz & Esperanza.  Today Luz & Esperanza is a well known and important facility working for the street children.

Dr. RudyWhen three young men, including Daniel, and a nun walked into the SuperHealth training in La Paz, the issue became real, more impactful, tragic, and heart wrenching.  Dr. Rudy (left) a psychiatric doctor and another medical doctor also attended the SuperHealth two day training course.

After the training, it was decided to provide a 40-day SuperHealth pilot project at Luz & Esperanza.  The technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and specific therapeutic juice formulas will be incorporated into the children’s program.  Dr. Rudy and Dr. Satbir Singh, our research director from Harvard, will run a research component with pre and post testing to determine the effectiveness of Kundalini Yoga and other components of the SuperHealth technology with this population who are on the edge of throwing their lives away.

BoliviaThrough the grace of God, SuperHealth is serving as a flashlight …finding itself in the darkest corners of the world and shedding light, love, hope and inspiration to those who never knew it existed.  Those just waiting to die.

With soiled fingernails and sleeves rolled up, I am serving the destiny of SuperHealth.   Next year, La Paz is hosting an international conference for psychiatrists and Dr. Rudy is a main coordinator.  Our goal is ambitious: to present the findings in a published research manuscript on an international stage to the world at large.

You can stay unsoiled for just so long.  Eventually, through God’s grace, you’ll be called upon to become authentic… to do something meaningful and fulfill your own destiny to share “Sat Nam” with someone who is in a world of despair.  As Yogi Bhajan said, “uttering Sat Nam, even by accident, will change your destiny.”

studentBlessed am I and through God’s kindness blessed are the Chicos de la Calle who find their way out of the darkness and into the light and love of Sat Nam.

May we have a longing in our heart to live for others, truly serve others and walk the distance with another.   Let your heart smile with the light and love that comes from giving of yourself to serve the elevation of the human spirit.

Thank you Guru Ram Das for the opportunity to spread these precious teachings in a world filled with demands, disorientation and social pressures that so often leave people with a sense of despair and isolation.

We have so many blessings and it is our privilege and responsibility to share the technology and give our heart to those in every corner of the world.

Additional Projects in South America:

Sikh Dharma Diplomacy in La Paz, Bolivia


A wonderful Indian Sikh couple in La Paz, Bolivia are diplomats Rashpal Singh and Sadhna Kaur.  Born in Punjab, India, Rashpal Singh is a member of the financial team representing the government of Denmark.  He oversees Denmark’s foreign aid to Bolivia.  This couple has been a gracious friend to the La Paz community of Sikhs, yoga teachers and  students and has taught Sikh studies and protocol of Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

The community also now has a newly installed Guru in Spanish translated by the late Babaji from Mexico City.

Rashpal and Sadhna were soon to be reassigned to Copenhagen where they will await their next assignment.


kirpalandhusbandLima, Peru:

Bridging the gap:  Attendees at the course came from many different traditions of yoga, psychotherapists, Vedic astrologer and people in recovery. (Kirpal K. and Livtar S.)


Puerto Montt, Chile:

volcanoWinter in July; that’s how it is in southern Chile. Beautiful, pristine and absolutely paradise created by Volcan Osorno, snow-capped today.  Lush with lakes, meadows, waterfalls and surrounded by the ocean, this is a magical place.

One young woman, P. Salazar, with an eating disorder shared her experience:

“Being sick since I was 11 years old, I’m 26 now, fed up with medication, in and out of hospitals, addictions, – deep down in my soul I knew there had to be another way of treatment, something that includes mind, body, and soul.  And there is. I know this is my path and I will become a teacher and a support for others.”

Santiago, Chile:

University studentsUniversity of Chile hosted a course attended by about 42 people. We also had the opportunity to teach Kundalini yoga at a local jail.

As beautiful as the land of South America is, the strength and grace is truly in its people.  They are warm and gracious and know the meaning of the word hospitality.  “Mi casa es su casa” permeates their homes.