Children of the Street-Bolivia

By Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Director
August 10, 2009

southamerica1Have you ever heard of the “Chicos de la Calle?” (“Children of the Street”)

I have, but it was always far removed. Somewhere in Bolivia…I think children living under the bridges in La Paz.

There is a difference between hearing about a social issue in a remote area of the world and actually working with it.

On a recent trip to South America, SuperHealth became involved with the “Chicos de la Calle.”

Perhaps after directing an addiction treatment program and working hands-on with clients for so many years in Arizona, I was tired and wanted to keep my hands clean. After all, I am now an author, trainer, lecturer and the work is inspiring and good. I suppose the experience that I had actually seeing the children, is similar to the difference between intellectually discussing death with someone and having a serious conversation about death with your doctor after being fatally diagnosed.

Bolivia1So there we were in La Paz meeting at Luz & Esperanza (Light and Hope); a rehabilitation facility that works with children wanting to get out of the street (Chicos de la Calle). Sham Kaur, the inspirational Kundalini Yoga teacher and I met a young man named Daniel. After he got off the streets 9 years ago, he eventually became a university student and is now studying business administration. (second to left)

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