SuperHealth Testimonials

Why Superhealth?

The SuperHealth Specialty Training was an amazing experience! I was able to learn about addictive behaviors and how to support others to self-discovery!

The training was life-changing. I will never forget it!

The skills I learned at SuperHealth changed my life!  My patients find these yoga practices very helpful & easy to do!

An amazing educational and spiritual experience that will heal you and your patients.

 Elizabeth, Colorado, Nurse Practitioner

I learned so much, made new friends, and came back home rejuvenated and ready to make changes in my life.  

Carol Crawford, Illinois

The best thing I’ve done in my entire life.  The experience helped get my life back on track.  I am happier now than I can remember.  

Connie Boston

A precious gift – what the world has been waiting for. 

Sherry Berger, Illinois

A life-changing experience!

Dr. Hari Kirn Kaur, Massachusetts

We all struggle with habits and behavioral addictions. We desperately need yogic science as a therapy for healing. 

Susan Sealy, Melbourne, Australia

Everyone can benefit from SuperHealth; without it we can survive, but with it we can thrive. 

Hari Krishna Kaur

 “Life changing.” I will never forget it!  

Bryan Sutherland, Addictions Therapist

SuperHealth is a “must do” training.  Thank you for the happiest week of my life!

Natalia, Columbia

Uplifting, energizing, and totally inspiring!

Sangeet, UK, Lawyer

I feel as if I’ve had years worth of growth in eight days.

Maggie, Connecticut, student

This course truly heals healers.

Virna, NYC, interior designer

Most healing and magical week, it has impacted me in ways I didn’t know existed.

Anita, Wisconsin, Office Manager

The best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. 

Hildur, The Faroe Islands

I’ve been practicing yoga, am a vegetarian and serve my community but after this beautiful experience I will continue my practice but from a place of more love and compassion.

Adriana – Alamosa, Colorado

Usually, it’s difficult for me to stay focused, especially for 8 days; but it was so balanced – I didn’t feel the need to escape. 

Guru Simran Kaur, Virginia

Just having these teachings and knowledge makes me feel more powerful in my healing projection. 

Hari Jot Kaur, Boulder, Colorado

The SuperHealth course was such a powerful and amazing experience. The positive feedback from the students has been overwhelming. So many people who had been “stuck” in their self-destructive thoughts and habits have had such a shift and a release from those patterns in just a weekend. It was a deeply moving experience for me to see so many people transform so quickly. One woman told me on the second day of the workshop that it was the first time in 6 months that she hadn’t woken up crying. She looked like a completely different person from the woman who had walked in the door on the first day. I saw her a week later and she told me that she felt better than ever. I could see just by looking at her that this was true. There’s been such a demand for more of these teachings that we’re in the process of planning a return for the next workshop already! 

Anne Novak Connecticut, US