SuperHealth Training

Yogic Science to Break Habits & Addictive Behavior

SuperHealth trainings are open to everyone: healthcare professionals (psychologists, the medical community, nurses and counselors), yoga teachers, students and individuals seeking self-discovery. Our training provide a direct experience for the excellence of the self as well as practical tools to share with others. Our goals are to rebuild the body, rebalance and strengthen the compromised nervous and glandular systems, train the mind for clarity, and uplift the human spirit.

People who are vulnerable to addictive patterns may have spent their life looking outside of themselves for a quick fix. While it has become more common knowledge that the real answers lie within, to find suitable therapeutic tools and techniques continues to be a challenge. With a spiritual void, emptiness and disconnect can haunt us. We may have no meaningful mission in life or fulfillment. We will forgo relationships with friends and family but obsess solely on satisfying the urge. Why should we change -unless we have had an experience of a heightened state of awareness, that feels different?

The key to overcoming addictions is to substitute self-destructive habits with those that are positive, to accelerate self-healing and to increase spiritual awareness. SuperHealth is a way of living to overcome the fickleness of our mind and the whims of our non-realities. With it, every facet of our being: physically, mentally and spiritually, is consolidated, firm, steady, committed.

SuperHealth is approved as a CEU (Continuing Education Provider) to 8 yogic and medical Licensing Boards. We are the only yogic based provider in the field of recovery integrating yogic science into the medical community!

Weekend Training

The SuperHealth mission is to enable a consolidated state of well-being through physical, mental and spiritual healing by relieving the pain of addictive patterning. It is based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, known as the yoga of awareness. SuperHealth is a perfect blend of East and West. It combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the sophistication and innovative technology of Western psychology and medicine.

A weekend training explores the alternative and complementary modality of yogic science, a body, mind, and spirit philosophy to achieve a healthier lifestyle and greater well-being. In this weekend you will integrate the practical application of yogic science for your personal life, teaching, and into clinical treatment protocols for addiction services, that address the whole person, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Specialty 8-Day Immersion Professional Training

The 8-day Immersion Course addresses spirit, mind, body, and environment to the treatment of addictive behavior in both personal care and professional treatment protocols. You will delve into content deeper than that of the weekend course and gain knowledge, skills and practical application of the Yogic Technology for complete integration into their professional practice and personal wellbeing. While participating in this highly experiential activity, you can identify personal addictive behaviors, as well as learn how to introduce and duplicate the teaching to others in a professional setting.

It has become imperative to shift to a training model that allows the growing number of yoga teachers and health care practitioners to address the ever-growing need of their students and clientele. The problem of addiction is a global phenomenon SuperHealth is committed to addressing.

Continuing Education Credits

SuperHealth is approved as a CEU (Continuing Education Provider) to 8 yogic and medical Licensing Boards. We are the only yogic based provider in field of recovery integrating yogic science into the medical community. SuperHealth is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs. SuperHealth maintains responsibility for these programs/courses and all of its content.