SuperHealth & Addictive Behavior

Create a relationship with your higher consciousness

The key reason to avoid drugs is to create a relationship to your higher consciousness and have the dignity of self-autonomy. – Yogi Bhajan

People use drugs to fill the hollowness inside. If not fulfilled, there is no reason to get off of drugs. Drugs are a buffer to the pain experienced from not knowing the self…this is the origin of hollowness.  Addiction is getting into something to fulfill one’s own inner emptiness. It is nothing, just spacing out, not facing reality. It means we don’t have guts.  We don’t have stamina.  We don’t have strength. And then we get strength from outside.  When inside strength is not available we have to do something….

We have technical know-how through which we have a practical method to clean the subconscious blocks so that a man can safely progress to the extent of realization experience.

Understanding the Problem of Mental Trauma

In today’s fast-paced world, we often don’t have time for each other.  Both parents have the pressure of working to meet financial pressures. Growing up is difficult and our false expectations of life leave us with a sense of rejection, hurt and anger.  For the sensitive and innocent child, this creates a mental trauma.  Silent messages get imprinted on the psyche and become a belief system about ourselves, our parents and society. It is painful.

Often parents have not learned values that guide healthy childrearing. The culture surrounding the family may not support the values taught at home and therefore the child is drawn into choices that are unhealthy and disempowering. The child misses developing social and communication skills and cannot successfully develop his character. He lacks what is needed to grow into a complete and meaningful life as a fulfilled human being. He does not have a strong sense of self-esteem and lacks the clarity for his purpose in life…. he is lost.

We are lead to believe that the answer to life’s problems lies in quick fixes… in a pill, bourbon on the rocks or “checking out” while watching TV.  In reality, there are no quick fixes. There is no liberation without labor nor is there any freedom which is free.

As we grow, we pretend the pain does not exist, however, everybody knows it’s there. We put on a mask and create a facade and we get further away from our “true self”.  We smile when we feel angry, we say “I love you” when we feel betrayed.  We live in a state of grief, loneliness or an inability to cope.  We become prone to overstimulation, to suppress feelings and create a false sense of reality, as a means to cover the pressure, fear, anger, and despair.  To compensate and cope, we find fulfillment in external gratifications.

The brain has the ability to absorb an amazing amount of information.  However, when it exceeds its capacity, it becomes overloaded or saturated.  This can cause depression, fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, and a disoriented state of mind.  The use of substances or destructive behaviors as anesthesia to alleviate the painful situation can develop and eventually progress into an addiction.

This can manifest as problems in many areas such as:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Eating Disorders and Food Issues
  • Relationships and Co-Dependency
  • Sex
  • Work, Media, IT Gadgets
  • Stress
  • …..and many more

“Tension, stress, insecurities; we are totally inflicted by loneliness, lack of trust, lack of faith, lack of relationships.  Mankind has never been such a yo-yo.   We are habitual liars, we are professional cheats.  We deceive our best friends. We lie to our best people and then we want to justify to ourselves that we are saints.  Mankind is at the top of its worst right now and we cannot live with ourselves – and when that state reaches its peak, we want to drown ourselves in something; one avenue is drugs.”  ~Yogi Bhajan