How SuperHealth Helps with Addictions

Strengthen the Nervous System and Relax

The nervous system becomes compromised with the use of substances, junk food, smoking, stress, anxiety and depression. In this weakened state and vulnerability it’s easy to be led into temptation.

The nervous system is resilient and can be rebuilt. Kundalini Yoga is one excellent way to do this. Kriyas, specific yoga sets, energize the body and strengthen the nerves. With the application of the breath, one is energized to maintain the posture. Mantra, incorporated with the breath, cuts the mindset and enables the ability to go beyond our mental thoughts of excuses and rationalizations. Over time, these efforts slowly build stamina, determination and the ability to face life with “grit” and courage. In practical terms, with a stronger nervous system we can make life changes we have the will and ability to progress through life as a wiser, more confident and consolidated person.

The physical activity of yoga extends our physical limitations of strength, flexibility and balance and then allow for deep relaxation. This increases the body’s ability to be responsive to stressors both physical and psychological. Chronic tension is released from muscles. The tissues can more easily detoxify and regenerate.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga helps us gain mental clarity, physical well-being and cultivates awareness of our inner lives. Kundalini Yoga applies body postures placing specific pressure on different glandular functions, developing a strengthened nervous system. By fine-tuning the balance of the nervous system with the hormonal secretions of the glandular systems and brings balance to the emotions. This is accomplished through specific combinations of exercises and breathing techniques, which stimulate the nerves, brain, and the essential glands that regulate health, happiness and a sense of well-being.

Regular practice of Kundalini yoga brings us the experience that we are an integrated human being rather than, depressed or fragmented person with no other identity. In addition, Kundalini yoga begins rebuilding the physical body by improving the cardiovascular and respiratory functions.

For beginners, rest follows each exercise so that the body can learn relaxation skills upon command.

As the individual progresses and the yoga becomes increasingly more challenging with fewer relaxations, the body further learns to relax under pressure and stress. As the body systems are being stimulated, conscious breathing is also incorporated so that the mind can be trained to remain relaxed under stress.

Relaxation brings a deeper state of calmness that results in lower blood pressure, and clearer thought processing. Both relaxation and mental clarity are essential to successfully break old habits and create new strategies for life without destructive habits, depression, worry and anxiety.