Specialty Professional Training 2013

February 16-23, 2013

8+ day Immersion Course
Espanola, New Mexico
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Domestic/US – $1695
International travelers – $1575

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The complete Immersion Training is a perfectly integrated physically, mentally and spiritual based methodology for breaking habits and behavioral addictions.

We live in a global society filled with many kinds of addictions.  Pressures are growing daily and will not subside anytime soon.  To cope with these demands, we seek momentary relief with external stimulations and other gratifications.  To replace the “urge” to decompress reaching for drugs, alcohol or food, we can replace the impulse with healthy, productive and self-sustaining technologies.  This leads to our greatest well-being and personal excellence.

Chilean woman juicingThe training is a golden opportunity to understand through your own personal process, the effectiveness of the technology.  The Kundalini Yoga Certified Teacher can teach with a depth through their firsthand experience.   The healthcare professional will find it effective to integrate into a clinical treatment protocol.

Included in the training will be an opportunity for nutritional restoration through a detoxification and rehabilitation process with ancient formulas to cleanse and rebuild the system, change the chemistry of the blood and affect food metabolism.  The two?day experiential  regimen will include  a blend of specific therapeutic juice formulas, diets, herbs and vitamins as directed by Yogi Bhajan

If you have additional questions contact us at superhealth12@gmail.com