Amazing Words


 ”Relate to your strength.   Concentrate.

This practice is very sacred.   Understand in your own depth is the heart of God.  Develop a relationship with the Infinite. 

May the consciousness be awakened; may the soul be exalted.    Blessed God, give us the wisdom to be humble, patient, graceful.  Grant us peace and the energy, take away from us anger and hatred.   Give us the reality, the power to be in gratitude – to be thankful, to be kind.   Thanks for this day, for your guidance and for the flow.

Inhale deep – hold this precious breath. 

What is life?   It is a part of God. 

Best way to control anger –recite and remember:   “I belong to God.”  You long to belong.  A great secret of success in channeling anger is:    Don’t move.

When a person is not in control of his personal situation he cannot control his surroundings.  This will bring despair and doubt.  Refresh your mental capacity.  

Who is the Guru?  He is that who speaks the infinite truth. 

What is our mission in life?  See in your consciousness that your tomorrow is yours.  Conquer your own tragedies and make your tomorrow beautiful.  You must have the capacity to reach every heart.   Best penetration of head is the heart.    Zero the rifle – aim at 6:00 p.m. – you will get the bulls eye.  Spirituality = aim at navel – you will get the heart.   Let us penetrate.”

~ Yogi Bhajan