Celestial Communication

Uplift Your Soul

Celestial communication has been called the fastest, most effective therapy for releasing tension, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression, and neurosis. It brings mental balance, intelligence, and creativity, and uplifts the soul.

The hands’ graceful movements through the air stimulates each finger’s meridian, relaxing neurological patterns within the brain and balancing the body’s energy.

“Do celestial communication when you cannot take care of your neurosis by any known method. Just a few minutes of doing it….ah, it is ah…there’s no power more than the power of the word, and then the word is formed through the body, the entire being is purified and relaxed.”

“This therapy is the fastest and most effective way of getting rid of stress, tension, anxiety, worry, fear, depression and neurosis.”

Watch these Beautiful Celestial Communication Videos to Get Relaxed