Become a SuperHealth Volunteer!


Please give what you can.  No amount is too great or too small.  Please just give and as you do, say a prayer that the problem is not with you!


Donations:  $16,000

$8,500 to raise cash donation:  SuperHealth has on-going project in La Paz, Bolivia where a 40-day pilot project is being incorporated with a program for street children called, “Luz & Esperanza”.  Research component being installed to determine effectiveness of Kundalini Yoga with this population.


$5,000 scholarships for indigent or persons in recovery and aftercare to attend weekend training program


$2,500 book, “Meditations for Addictive Behavior” donated to public libraries, rehabilitation facilities for drug and alcohol treatment, 12 step programs, schools, criminal justice facilities


Human Resources:


Volunteers with the following skills are needed to support SuperHealth on-going training, scheduling, speaking engagements and other activities.  Location:  open


1) IT – webmaster.  Maintain website

2) Graphic designer:  fliers, hand-out materials for upcoming courses

3) Business skills:  business and strategic plan

4) Financial planner

5) Secretarial/Administrative

6) Volunteer coordinator

7) Legal expertise

8) Public relations, promotion

9) Fund raiser