Glossary of Terms

Aquarian – Universal awareness that God dwells within all.

Easy Pose – Sitting cross legged with the spine and neck straight and the shoulders and arms relaxed.

Heart Center – Experience of compassion and love. Also refers to chest area around the sternum on your body.

Holy – Refers to the whole; balance of one’s physical, mental and spiritual being.

Kundalini Yoga – An ancient yoga practice brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. Known as the “yoga of awareness.” Its practice rebuilds and strengthens many systems (nervous, glandular, etc.) directly affected by substance dependency and other behavioral addictions. The daily practice of Kundalini Yoga gives the addictive personality immunity from the pressures of society. It is also perfect for people who want a relaxed and uplifting experience. Hundreds of Kundalini Yoga classes are offered daily around the world in over 35 countries.

Mantra – Combination of words or syllables that hlep focus the mind. Practiced silently or aloud.

Navel point – “Chi” energy. When this point is activated, you have greater control over your energy. The end result is increased discipline and self containment. Many meditatons focus at the navel point.

Neck Lock – Gently move the chin towards the back of the neck, keeping the muscles of the neck, throat and face relaxed.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo – Ancient sounds to bring you to your inner wisdom. Simply sit with your spine straight in a chair or crossed legged with your hands in prayer pose at the heart center. Take a long deep breath and say Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 times.

Ong” – Sounds like the “O” in “song.”

Namo” – Sounds like the “A” in “ma”, the “O” sounds like the “O” in “go.”

Guru” – Sounds like “Goo Roo.”

Dev” – Sounds like “Dave.”

Prayer Pose – Palms are together and upright at the heart. Right hand is the positive polarity and left hand the negative. This has a calming, neutralizing effect on the body and helps to focus the mind.

Sit in a chair – If it is uncomfortable to sit on the floor, it is just as beneficial to sit in a chair. Keep your spine straight and your weight balanced equally on both feet.

SA TA NA MA” – Breaks down the words, “SAT NAM” which means “Truth is my Identity.”

SA - Infinity

TA – Life

NA – Death

MA – Rebirth

Tip of the Nose – Trying to look at the tip of the nose stimulates the optic nerve and develops intuition.