What is SuperHealth?
SuperHealth is on the cutting edge of breaking habits and addictive behavior.  It is at the forefront of yogic therapeutic technology that is precise and proven effective.  The system addresses alcohol, drugs, smoking, food issues, co-dependency, gambling, work, computers and includes stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety.  Developed by Yogi Bhajan, the approach combines the ancient wisdom of yogic science with the innovations of western sciences.

The core  technology incorporates Kundalini Yoga, meditation, specific breathing applications, nutrition restoration with specific dietary and therapeutic juice formulas, counseling and Science of Humanology (applied psychology from the perspective of Kundalini yoga).  It is our belief that the human potential of each person is infinite…fully interconnected physically, mentally and spiritually.

SuperHealth has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and received its highest commendation being rated in top 10% of residential programs in the United States.

Introductory Training:

The focus of SuperHealth today is providing training.  This is open to healthcare professionals (psychologists, medical community, counselors), yoga teachers and students and individuals in their personal development of self discovery.

People who are vulnerable to addictive patterns may have spent their life looking outside of themselves for a quick fix.  While it has become more common knowledge that the real answers lie within, to find suitable therapeutic tools and techniques continues to be a challenge both to the individual and healthcare provider.  SuperHealth training provides a direct experience for the excellence of the self as well as practical tools to share with others.

Weekend training incorporates:

  • Basic understanding of the philosophy, physiology, psychology, and therapeutic juice formulas with nutritional diets for detoxifying the system and rebuilding the body.
  • Kundalini Yoga to strengthen specific areas afflicting the body’s nervous and glandular system which has been weakened through the use of substances.
  • Meditations to work on the psychological addiction and behavioral habit patterns imprinted in the psyche often formulated at a very early age.
  • The spiritual component fulfills a longing to belong and is directed toward a connection of the self with the soul.